Vietnamese Publishers Able to Compete With Global Giants Thanks to New Advertising Tools From Adnami

Vietnamese publishers can compete with global giants with new Adnami advertising tools

Danish advertising technology company Adnami announced this week its entry into the Vietnamese market. One of the world’s leading providers of high-impact advertising, Adnami helps brands and publishers easily reach consumers with scalable, high-impact campaigns, negotiated seamlessly through leading programmatic media platforms.

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The global digital advertising technology market is dominated by media giants, such as Facebook and Google, which accounted for 80-90% of global ad spend in 2021 (per GroupM estimate). However, the media landscape of tomorrow may look very different. With the impending “cookie-free” web environment and the growing public interest in data privacy, media giants have less ability to track and target users. This creates new opportunities for local brands and publishers.

The future of digital advertising will focus on capturing audience’s attention through creativity. And now, for the first time in Vietnam, Adnami will give brands, local publishers and agencies the tools to compete by delivering impactful and innovative ad formats with rich multimedia capabilities across the local publisher ecosystem. According to recent studies from Lumen Research, Adnami’s high-impact solutions deliver more than 10 times the average user attention compared to user attention on standard display formats, while giving publishers a better return on their most valuable inventory.

Adnami’s technology makes it possible to standardize, adapt and deploy high-impact advertising campaigns on the main programmatic platforms. From the outset, the inventory of some of the larger networks, such as Admicro and Adtima, has been certified and is ready for use with Adnami technology. These networks provide access to some of the most widely read websites in Vietnam, such as Zingnews. Adnami will give brands and agencies access to streamline and automate high impact advertising among publishers in Vietnam. By using Adnami’s technology, brands and agencies will get a better canvas to make a better impression and a wider reach of their main messages, better access to their target customers and a better return on investment.

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Adnami can already be purchased through some of Vietnam’s major media groups. Upon entering Vietnam, Adnami chose to partner with two leading Danish entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in the Vietnamese market; Aske Østergård and Thue Quist Thomasen, co-founders of market research consultancy Decision Lab and data and analytics group YouGov Vietnam. They bring the necessary network and in-depth knowledge of the main digital advertising trends in the market through over 25 years of collective experience in Vietnam.

Commenting on the new partnership, Aske Østergård said; “Advertising in Vietnam is at a crossroads. Publishers and local networks are growing in size and scale, but multinational platforms continue to dominate the online advertising space. Adnami gives publishers and national networks the tools and technologies to exceed their weight and compete with these global platforms. Using Adnami’s standardized and high-impact display ads on programmatic platforms will enable brands to create more efficient, effective and engaging campaigns for consumers.

Carl Söderblom, vice president of operations at Adnami and project manager for this collaboration, also comments; “The partnership with Thue and Aske came at the right time. Over the past year, we have grown rapidly and have dipped our toes into several new markets. The results have been above expectations, and the demand we are seeing from Vietnam looks very promising, especially from large agencies looking for programmatic solutions. Thue and Aske have exactly the market knowledge and experience that we are looking for in our partners, and their agile way of working suits us well. We are very proud and delighted to finally be able to start.

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