The technology segment of FTI Consulting improves the connection and

The technology segment of FTI Consulting improves the connection and

WASHINGTON, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced comprehensive updates to its Technology Segment Connect and Universal Messaging Platform solutions. Connect is a proprietary platform designed by emerging data sources experts at FTI Technology to accelerate access to information and support rapid integration into cloud data sources including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack and Box . Universal messaging platform enables FTI Technology’s e-discovery and forensics experts to deliver efficient workflows that identify, preserve, collect, process, review and produce insights from over 15 emerging data sources cloud-based.

As emerging data sources increase in volume, variety, and speed, they introduce an increasing range of challenges to eDiscovery and investigation. An average of 400 data sources are in play in any given organization, and IDG Research has found that more than 20% are juggling data from 1,000 or more sources. The research also found that at the current trajectory of data growth, the majority of data within a business (and by extension, within the scope of litigation and investigations) will come from emerging cloud-based data sources. by 2023. for meaningful changes in best practices, workflows, and technology capabilities for discovery, investigation, risk, and compliance.

“The new data landscape is now affecting eDiscovery and Investigations, and legal, compliance and IT teams are reaching a turning point where they must move away from traditional approaches and workflows,” said Tim Anderson, Managing Director Principal at FTI Technology. “There are many issues to address, but at the most fundamental level, teams must recognize that current frameworks were designed for static data and that many of the sources currently generating the highest volumes of electronic information are not didn’t exist a few years ago.Our Connect Platform and Universal Messaging were developed to address this paradigm – to fill critical gaps in eDiscovery and forensic workflows involving emerging data sources and enable teams effectively enrich and visualize large sets of diverse data for quick and meaningful insights.

FTI Technology Connection
Connect is built on top of FTI Technology’s Connector Framework comprised of standard components that enable a single, intuitive interface to manage data integrations and export data to simplify downstream forensic production. Key features and capabilities, designed to align with evolving data structures rather than forcing them into legacy workflows, include:

  • Pre-built source connectors for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, and Amazon S3 to integrate with leading eDiscovery and forensic platforms and other cloud devices.
  • Data source discovery to quickly identify and document cloud source endpoints and API versions.
  • Secure authentication functions.
  • Standard data models that reduce the complexity of data sources by mapping common elements between collaboration and chat platforms, document libraries and archiving platforms.
  • Standardized data format outputs.
  • Comprehensive auditing and tracking capabilities to ensure a secure and defensible approach to preservation, collection, enrichment and forensic export.
  • Configuration options that adapt to new data sources through a modular suite of building block components.
  • Targeted data collections that can manage and navigate various data representations to provide a consistent interface and output.

Universal messaging platform
FTI Technology’s Universal Messaging Platform extends the functionality of Connect to adaptive downstream eDiscovery and investigative workflows that allow legal teams to dynamically explore, enrich and investigate a wide range of data sources in context. It is comprised of a custom technology stack that combines platform-specific features, industry-leading tools, and proprietary technology. Features and capabilities of the latest release include:

  • Support for a growing list of over 15 emerging data sources, including Microsoft 365/Teams, Salesforce, and Slack, with built-in features to adapt to new data sources as they are introduced.
  • When used with Connect, it can ingest data directly from the source, saving time and delivering a cleaner, more actionable data set for enrichment and workflows. downstream.
  • Innovative density analysis and segmentation of short messages to determine logical, topic-specific conversation breaks for threads involving key repositories and/or keywords, providing relevant context and optimizing materials for online review. downstream.
  • Messaging processing through common elements such as sender, recipient(s), timestamp and content, for conversion into standard formats for review and production.
  • Intuitive dashboard with aggregated metrics on people, channels, time, and other information and metadata to create and document clear segmentation in preparation for the exam.
  • Artificial intelligence and new data models to support compliance monitoring, sentiment analysis, and internal investigation workflows on emerging data sources.

Daryl Teshima, Senior Managing Director of FTI Technology, added, “The current processes for extracting and reviewing information from emerging data sources and translating dozens of different file formats into a single review platform are cumbersome, expensive and sometimes risky. Data is often confused in the translation process and critical information can be lost if messages and documents are not rendered accurately. Our Connect and Universal Messaging Platform solutions were designed to address the nuances and complexities of collecting data from cloud-based sources, directly at the source. This approach, combined with our team’s unique eDiscovery, investigations and technical expertise, allows us to help clients reconstruct short messages and dynamic documents in a way that provides quick access to information and derives a comprehensive view of key information like no other. workflow or solution available today. »

The FTI Technology team will be providing demonstrations of the Connect and Universal Messaging Platform features during in-person meetings at Legalweek New York, March 8-11. On March 9, Anderson will speak at Smarsh’s panel, “Hybrid Work and the Discovery of Collaborative, Social, and Mobile Content,” and Onna’s panel, “The Great Resignation: What Does This Mean for Your Data?”. On March 10, Teshima will speak at a panel hosted by Reveal, “Building the Legal Consultancy of the Future with AI,” and FTI Technology Senior Managing Director Wafik Guirgis will speak at a panel organized by Mitratech, “Keeping Your Legal Department Current, relevant and impactful.

During Legalweek, FTI Technology will also release the full version of The 2022 General Counsel Report: Leading with Endurance Despite Challenges of Risk, Culture and Technology, its annual study of corporate legal departments in partnership with global legal technology and compliance firm Relativity and Ari Kaplan Advisors, which also examines corporate legal risks related to emerging data sources. The report is available for download here.

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