The impact of advertising on students

The impact of advertising on students

Advertising is a crucial measure for the business world today. It is used in the advertising of products, services, vacancies or events. The callous portrayal of many of these public promotions affects the early education of many students. Some of these effects are misleading and thus contribute to some of the major problems facing young people today.

According to research conducted in 2013, many young people reflect different behaviors from advertisements. You can find many examples of advertising analysis essays, case studies, and dissertation examples online. They can be useful if you want to know how the analysis is performed.

However, the advertisements focus more on beneficial purposes. That is, there is more positivity compared to its negatives. In this review, we’ll explain the positive and negative effects of ads in more detail. And more importantly, we’ll also discuss the ways a good parent and teacher should educate students about the negative aspects of advertising. Let’s go!

Negative influences of advertising

So how does advertising affect young people? According to the APA, the average person sees more than 30,000 advertisements per year. For young minds, one exposure can spark their desires and directions. They can go so far as to want the advertised products.

Thus, it is important to clarify some of its effects on learners in their different academic paths. First, we’ll look at three negative effects of ads on learners.

Encourages the consumption of alcohol and tobacco

Various tobacco and alcohol advertisements may be sales promotion oriented. But these ads can have a big impact on young adults, especially college students. In trying to promote sales, he unwittingly targets the vulnerabilities of young people, exposing them and forcing them to consume it.

Influence spending and impulse buying

Most public promotions and advertisements deliver persuasive messages to encourage users to buy their products. When seeing these ads regularly, students may resort to impulse spending and purchasing products that they may not need.

Encourages aggressive and violent thoughts

You’ve probably seen an advertisement showing two boxers competing for an award without a trophy like a drink. This advertisement may contain aggressive content expressed towards humans. Students’ exposure to these materials can lead to these acts causing them to bully or fight with their peers. Most of the time, college students develop negative thoughts of beating a classmate after seeing an advertisement with violent images.

Positive effects of advertising

From our perspective, we believe that ads have more benefits than harm. Here are some positive effects of advertisements;

  • Students can learn good hygiene from relevant advertisements; Which can generally help cultivate good habits.
  • Everyone is informed about the different products and new inventions on the market.
  • Learners can also cultivate a sense of responsibility through advertisements containing meaningful messages.
  • Some advertisements focus on raising awareness of important issues like tobacco, alcohol and many tricky causes; It serves as an educational support for everyone.

In addition, public advertisements can also educate learners to gain solid business knowledge by advertising a course curriculum. Here, different schools advertise their programs to students aspiring to a business degree. Whether it’s a doctorate. or diploma, you can just continue your education at any school from these announcements.

Additionally, to study a business related course, you will need to show good writing and math skills. Finding sample business essays online can save you time and effort. You will have a guide to follow while working on the mission.

How to avoid the negative effects of advertising

Adults are very important in rightly keeping young adults away from the negative influences of advertising. This is why teachers and parents have a role to play. Here are some ways they can help young people avoid these negative consequences:

  • Always educate them to differentiate between healthy and bad messages.
  • Raise awareness among young people about the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
  • Teach these young people valuable lessons to lead them properly.


Advertisements are very crucial tools to learn more about products and services with their developments. Students also have the opportunity to learn good values, ethics and habits through these advertisements. With the right mindset and the right education, no advertising should mislead students.

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