The fire destroys the potting shed; Shawnee Floral Business spared

The fire destroys the potting shed;  Shawnee Floral Business spared

By Kim Morava and Vicky O. Misa

Large plumes of thick smoke filled the skies Friday night as a fire destroyed an old potting shed behind Graves Floral at 1525 N. Broadway.

Despite intense blazes nearby, most of the floral business — and several nearby homes along Broadway and those that support the business — were spared any damage.

“The flower shop is fine! Our back shed burned down,” Graves Floral posted on her Facebook pagewhile also noting a “huge thank you” to the Shawnee Fire Department for their quick response.

Shawnee Fire Marshal David Anderson said Monday that while the blaze is still officially listed as undetermined, they believe wind blowing over a tree in a power line is what started the blaze.

Owned by Bob and Pam Fincher, Graves Floral has operated in Shawnee since 1908. The fire impacted the store’s power and phone lines, but they hope to have everything back up and running soon, Pam Fincher said Monday.

A large fire destroyed part of the Graves Floral greenhouse on Broadway.

It was around 5:20 p.m. Friday when firefighters responded to the blaze.

Pam Fincher said they were inside the business when they heard a “pop” from the transformer in the back, then had electrical problems inside. Many called 911 and Shawnee firefighters were quick to arrive on the scene.

The old potting shed that burned down was no longer in use in their operations, Pam Fincher said, adding that they were also dismantling and disconnecting some older greenhouses behind the store recently, so many glass panels were already broken.

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‘It was scary’

Former city manager Chance Allison found herself at the forefront of this unexpected event. His house is immediately east of the structure that caught fire.