Site plans approved for two Twinsburg commercial projects

The red star marks where Mold Rite plans to add to its current structure.  Highland Road runs across the top of this image, with Route 91 (Darrow Road) to the right.

TWINSBURG – Two companies received final site approval from the planning commission on February 28 to erect buildings.

Mold Rite Plastics plans to erect a 33,100 square foot addition to its Highland Road plant to expand manufacturing. Pet Suites plans to build a 10,930 square foot facility that would provide pet sitting and grooming services at 8275 Darrow Road.

A panel-approved batch consolidation and split has been filed for registration with Summit County for the addition of Mold Rite. It combines four plots into two. The proposed building and site improvements will be contained on a single parcel.

The site is located within an I-3 heavy industrial zoning district, which accommodates light and heavy industrial uses including warehousing, manufacturing and processing. Current and proposed uses conform to district standards.

The parcel is surrounded by industrial zoned properties to the east, west and south, while Crown Hill Cemetery is located to the north, adjacent to Highland Road.