Renegade Magazine’s Reneprom filled with music, fashion

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From lavender and burgundy suits matching Nike Air Force 1s to sleek black and gold dresses paired with jewelry, the students dressed to impress for the second Reneprom this past weekend.

On Saturday, Renegade Magazine, Syracuse University’s first and only black general interest magazine, hosted Reneprom at the Community Folk Art Center from 7-10:30 p.m. Throughout the night, students had the chance to listen to music from DJ Jill, as well as several student musicians, including Shakira and LAFromNewYork.

Fawaz Okoya, co-editor-in-chief of Renegade, has worked for the magazine since its first year in 2018. Even when he wasn’t an official e-board member, Okoya contributed to every meeting and helped organize the first Reneprom in 2020. The League senior said he was grateful to have had the chance to officially host this year’s event as last year’s was canceled due to the pandemic .

“It’s a great experience to be in charge now,” Okoya said. “The folks at Renegade were the first to welcome me, a black kid from New Jersey, with open arms.”

While the room was packed with around 100 students, some revelers wished more students could join the dance instead of staying in the back.

“I’m having fun, but I want to know why no one else is dancing,” said SU graduate student Kyliah Almeida. “I personally push P, but I can’t push P on my own.”

Students are generally used to wearing sweatpants and jeans on campus, and being able to dress to impress while having a good time is something attendees shouldn’t take for granted, Almeida said.

Amber Deas, a senior at SU, shared similar thoughts. Although she loved the event space and the energy of the music and the number of attendees, she found it unfortunate that not many people were dancing at the start.

Later that night, the crowd finally came together to dance to popular tracks played by DJ Jill, including Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie” and the popular line dance known as the “Cupid Shuffle “.

Marel Pryor, who is also an SU senior, said that aside from the music, her favorite parts of the night included seeing the different outfits and the energy everyone brings to Reneprom.

At 9 p.m., the student musicians began to take the stage. LAFromNewYork, who sang covers of songs like Drake’s “Controlla,” encouraged students to have fun however they wanted.

“It doesn’t matter who’s messing up your vibes,” the artist told the audience while performing a slowed-down version of 2016’s hit “Views.”

Other student musicians, including Shakira and ISHĒ, also took the stage. ISHĒ encouraged the already boisterous audience to give her more noise, and Shakira wowed attendees with her vocal range as she sang covers of songs like Etta James’ “At Last.”

Before the evening was over, the public got to decide who came to the event best dressed. Ten students – five women and five men – were called to the front, and the participants who elicited the strongest reactions from the crowd were deemed the winners.

Andrew Prado-Alipui, Renegade’s co-director of photography, was one of the winners of the contest. He was happy that he was able to go home with the crown because of his burgundy suit, but he did not expect to win in any way.

“Funny enough, I was really late and didn’t have time to prepare,” he said. “I just put my costume on in five seconds.”

At the end of the night, Prado-Alipui echoed the thoughts of the students present.

“It was great to see everyone in a good mood tonight,” said Prado-Alipui. “In these tough times that we’ve been through, a lot of things have happened to people, so to see everyone coming together is great.”


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