Pence does not rule out a race in 2024

Pence does not rule out a race in 2024

Former Vice President Mike Pence did not rule out a 2024 run during an exclusive interview on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday, saying that “at the right time” he will “consider” how he “could participate in this process.”

Pence underscored his position again after host Maria Baritromo asked the former vice president if he wants former President Trump to run in 2024 and if he is looking to regain leadership.

“All my focus right now is on 2022,” Pence replied. “I think we have a historic opportunity to reclaim House and Senate majorities, elect great Republican governors across America, and in 2023 I’m confident the Republican Party will nominate a candidate who will be the next President of the United States of America and at the right time, my family and I will reflect and consider how we can participate in this process.”

“But now more than ever with war in Europe and with an administration seemingly determined to weaken our country, to lead our nation into a European-style welfare state, we need strong Republican majorities on Capitol Hill and strong Republican governors and that’s what we’re going to work to achieve,” he continued.

During a Fox News Digital interview in December, Pence also said he was “completely focused on 2022.”

“And in 2023, we will do as our family always has. We will reflect and pray and consider where we might serve next,” he continued at the time.


During the interview, Pence also focused on the Biden administration’s energy policies and stressed that “now is the time to sanction all oil and energy exports from Russia.”

He argued that the move was necessary given that energy is the “lifeline” of the country’s economy.”

Pence called on Congress, the Biden administration and nations around the world to implement an international embargo to “exert the kind of pressure we need to exert if we hope to stop this senseless, senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Speaking from Israel on Tuesday, Pence also claimed that Vladimir Putin “felt emboldened to redesign Europe by force” and that the Russian president is solely responsible for the war with Ukraine.

Pence spoke with Bartiromo the day before about his political and advocacy organization launched a $10 million ad campaigntargeting several congressional Democrats and lobbying for America energy independence amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Pence’s organization, Advancing American Freedom, a 501(c)(4) dedicated to advocating “conservative values ​​and policy proposals,” kicked off its first ad buy with an ad titled “Horrific Decision.” The ad is expected to run in a number of state media markets across the country.

The ad calls on viewers to call their congressman to tell them to “support America’s security instead of terrorizing Russia.”

Pence’s ad buying comes as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have pushed to ban oil imports from Russia, and Republicans, in particular, have called for more domestic oil production. and gas in the wake of Russia’s continued assault on Ukraine.


The most recent data from the US Energy Information Administration shows that in December the United States imported 405,000 barrels per day of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia, or nearly 5% of all US imports for the month. That’s down from around 800,000 barrels in August.

Democrats have called for a federal gasoline tax exemption as a possible solution to alleviate prices, while Republicans want to expand national oil drilling.

Some critics have accused the Biden administration of funding Russian Putin’s war on Ukraine by cutting domestic oil production and relying on Russian oil.

Late Tuesday morning, President Biden announced that his administration was banning Russian imports of oil, natural gas and coal into the United States in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Today I am announcing that the United States is targeting the main artery of the Russian economy. We are banning all imports of Russian oil, gas and energy,” Biden said during a speech from the White House. “It means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable in American ports and the American people will deliver another mighty blow to Putin’s war machine.”

The decision was made in “close consultation” with American allies and partners around the world, particularly in Europe.

“In the four years of the Trump-Pence administration, we have achieved energy independence for the first time in 70 years,” Pence said ahead of Biden’s announcement. “We were a net exporter of energy.”

He went on to outline Biden’s energy actions upon taking office, which he said included “destroying the Keystone Pipeline, delisting federal lands for exploration.” [and] by ruling out leases for oil and natural gas. »

“Before Ukraine happened, we saw gasoline prices go up,” Pence said. “So the answer here is number one, stand firm like the United States and have the free world join us in cutting off Russia’s energy exports.”

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“We need to impose these sanctions, but at the same time, President Biden and this administration need to unleash American energy and stop throwing hats in hand at places like Venezuela,” he continued. “I hear that President Biden might go to Saudi Arabia to personally ask them to pump more oil and for heaven’s sake let’s disconnect everything new talks on Iran nuclear deal in the interests of Israel’s security and frankly in recognition that now more than ever we should not be dealing with the Ayatollahs in Tehran or Putin in Moscow to lift the sanctions or pressure we have imposed on Iran. ”

A new nuclear agreement with Iran East expected within daysa European diplomat told Fox News on Friday – after weeks of renewed talks in Vienna to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.


The diplomat, however, warned that any deal involving Iran, China, Russia and the United States could always fall apart. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Iran’s chief negotiator told reporters a deal would be reached within 24 to 48 hours.

The surge in the price of oil above $130 a barrel on Monday was triggered by the possibility that the United States would ban crude imports from Russia. Oil prices stabilized later in the day and were moderately higher on Tuesday afternoon at around $133 for Brent and $128 a barrel for the US benchmark.

“For heaven’s sake, now is the time for this administration to at least take a breather on its climate change agenda and embrace American strength and energy,” Pence said.


Marisa Schultz, Rich Edson, Paul Steinhauser, Adam Shaw, Brooke Singman and Jessica Chasmar of Fox News and the Associated Press contributed to this report.