Northwestern names multi-million dollar tech accelerator

Northwestern names multi-million dollar tech accelerator

Northwestern University today announced that it will name its new multi-million dollar technology accelerator Querrey InQbation Lab after Kimberly K. Querrey (’22, ’23 P), Chair of the Innovation Committee and of Entrepreneurship from the Northwestern Board of Directors.

Located at 1801 Maple Avenue in downtown Evanston, the new Querrey InQbation Lab will provide a home for Northwestern’s highly entrepreneurial faculty to contribute to innovation through the commercialization of sophisticated scientific discoveries and bring economic growth and opportunities to the communities of Evanston and Chicago.

Deeply invested in Northwestern’s research efforts, Querrey was so committed to making the incubator a reality that she personally donated $25 million to Northwestern to advance innovation and entrepreneurship. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity awarded a $3 million grant to support the first phase of renovations to the Querrey InQbation Lab. The Illinois General Assembly also allocated $50 million for further expansion of the project as part of the state’s 2022 capital budget.

“Northwest innovators are pushing the boundaries of science and engineering through discovery, collaboration and promising projects,” Querrey said. “The Querrey InQbation Lab will give these entrepreneurial teachers the resources to realize their potential and maximize the benefits to society.”

Not only does the “Q” in InQbation honor Querrey’s vision and support, it also represents the critical questions that Northwestern researchers will explore in their quest to advance our understanding of the world and improve human health.

“It has been a true privilege to partner with Kimberly Querrey to launch the Querrey InQbation Lab,” said Northwestern President Morton Schapiro. “His generosity and inspiring vision touched so many parts of the North West, and we are forever grateful for his support. The new incubator, which bears his name, will allow professors to transfer their discoveries from the lab to society to address unmet needs in medicine, energy, sustainability and more.

Northwest innovators are pushing the boundaries of science and engineering through discovery, collaboration and promising projects. The Querrey InQbation Lab will give these entrepreneurial teachers the resources to realize their potential and maximize the benefits to society.

Kimberly Querrey
Chairman of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee of the Northwestern Board of Directors

Provost Kathleen Hagerty said Querrey has had an immeasurable impact on Northwestern’s research community.

“We are thrilled to name this hub in honor of Kimberly Querry,” Hagerty said. “We are truly grateful for his generosity and partnership in making this space for entrepreneurship a reality.”

Since Northwestern announced the incubator in August 2021, the building has entered its pilot phase. The initial renovations saw five North West startups move into the space, with a sixth startup moving in imminently. The five companies are:

  • Actiniaaccording to research by Mercouri Kanatzidisdevelops advanced radiological materials that double the resolution of radiological imaging while halving the radiation dose for applications in medicine and security;
  • Hemorrhythmicbased on research by John Rogers, provides smart solutions for implantable medical devices and sensors for human health;
  • Rheosalso based on research by Rogers, develops non-invasive sensors to monitor ventricular shunt function in patients with hydrocephalus;
  • stem loop, based on research by Julius Lucks and Michael Jewett, reuses cell-free biological mechanisms to create sensors for biomanufacturing, environmental monitoring and human health; and
  • Volexionaccording to research by Marc Hersamis developing a graphene coating for next-generation lithium-ion batteries that dramatically increases their energy, lifespan, and safety.

Once renovations to the building’s first floor are complete in May, Northwestern’s Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) will begin offering programs to resident startups and the greater Northwest community. These resources will include access to businesses and mentors in residence; marketing workshops; technological showcases and startups; workspaces for a variety of contractors and other Northwest entrepreneurs.

The fifth and sixth floor renovations are scheduled to be completed in November 2022 and August 2023, respectively. As these floors open, new labs and office suites will become available for other Northwest startups. The completed project will include labs, foundries and co-working spaces for start-up companies as well as offices for program staff and start-up advisors.

“Through the vision of Kimberly Querrey, the Querrey InQbation Lab will combine Northwestern’s groundbreaking science, technology, and business thinking to create distinctive companies whose products will benefit our community, our economy, and society as a whole” , said Alicia Löffler, associate vice president for innovation and new ventures. .

Kimberly Querrey is President and CEO of Gulf Shore Private Capital, a family investment office. She joined Northwestern’s board of directors in 2015, where she serves as chair of the innovation and entrepreneurship subcommittee. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the board and executive committee of the Big Shoulders Fund. Querrey’s niece, Melissa, is currently a medical student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, where she is about to complete her doctorate. in immunology.