Movers & Shakers: Nazia Siddiqui, CEO of Transcend fashion


Forget fast fashion. For Nazia Siddiqui, founder and CEO of PNW-based fashion powerhouse Transcendthe use of durable fabrics is essential.

“As I set out to build Transcend from the ground up, I learned a lot about the harm fast fashion does to the planet and people,” Siddiqui said. “The rigid and unsustainable fashion calendars that result in designs being mass-produced at a pace that desensitizes people to the art of dressing, not to mention the unfathomable amounts of inventory waste piling up in dumps. I knew I had to do better.”

Born in India, Siddiqui spent most of her childhood shopping in public markets whenever she needed clothes. “I grew up in Lucknow, a vibrant city with a rich history, incredible cuisine, a huge inclination for textile embroidery and known for its sophisticated culture influenced by art and poetry.”

“I have three sisters and growing up clothes and fashion were an integral part of our lives and my mum is an amazing seamstress and made clothes for us throughout our childhood. Our shopping trips to the bazaars are part of my fondest memories.”

“The idea for Transcend came after I moved to the States in 2017 and I found it increasingly difficult to find clothes that represented my aesthetic and style,” Siddiqui said. “Representation matters, even in apparel, and with Transcend, I wanted to make high-quality embroidery, prints, and waist-inclusive designs accessible to women with an overarching aesthetic through timeless, elegant, and functional silhouettes.”

Scroll through the designs and you’ll see a variety of stunning colors and prints. Using bold colors is a must for Siddiqui, “Colors and patterns are tools that allow us to portray our unique personalities and it’s a big part of my South Asian culture that seeps into my designs. “

“I am beyond humbled by the incredible response I received for my first collection, Blooming Rose. I never could have imagined that my first collection would win the AICI ‘Inspire’ award and be featured in Vogue and several podcasts and blogs,” Siddiqui said. . “Blooming Rose is a design that came to life during the pandemic because I wanted my collection to be a source of joy for my customers during these uncertain and difficult times.”

So what’s next for this fashion guru?

“Next, I’m about to launch my second collection inspired by the beautiful Islamic architecture I was surrounded by growing up in India,” Siddiqui said. “I’m especially excited about the new collection as I’ve expanded my size range to size 20.”

Depending on the product, prices range from $75 to $495. Discover the whole collection on

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