MATSUKO Debuts Cutting-Edge Holographic Presence Technology at SXSW Pitch Competition

MATSUKO is the world’s first real-time hologram meeting app that requires only an iPhone to capture and stream people’s holograms.

AUSTIN, TX, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MATSUKOthe first creator of an all-software solution for holographic communication, will showcase its technology as a finalist in the Extended Reality & Immersive Technology category for the 14th Annual SXSW Pitch® (formerly SXSW Accelerator) on 12th of March. MATSUKO is the world’s first real-time hologram meeting app that only requires an iPhone to capture and stream people’s holograms.

MATSUKO’s solution is not an animated avatar but a fully expressive hologram. Using mixed and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, MATSUKO creates 3D holograms for remote communication between people. This eliminates the problems often encountered in video calls: lack of non-verbal cues, lack of engagement and lack of spatial feeling.

“If the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that as human beings we need each other’s presence. And while we’ve come a long way with remote communication, today’s tools are still far too far away,” said Maria Vircikova, co-founder and CEO of MATSUKO. “Our brains are wired for the third dimension, and we need a sense of people’s physical presence. I’m excited to show the SXSW Pitch judges how our solution provides true holographic presence and how it can help people connect emotionally.”

By installing the MATSUKO app and wearing XR glasses, users experience the real presence of having colleagues and friends next to them – no avatars, no scanning, no configuration. Using just their phone’s camera, people can stream their hologram in real time to other call participants, sharing the feeling that they’re all in the same room together.

Introducing this lifelike holographic communication in business environments will make video conferencing more efficient and also reduce the need for travel expenses, thereby reducing emissions. Companies can use technology when screening candidates, for face-to-face meetings and for team briefings. Event organizers can bring speakers closer to their audience.

MATSUKO’s app was developed for virtual and mixed reality, but the company wants to reach more people. With this in mind, it will launch the MATSUKO app for the iPhone experience. This means that anyone can now experience true volumetric holograms with just a smartphone. Hundreds of millions of people can now connect with millions of helmet owners, all with the same MATSUKO app.

SXSW Pitch is the flagship event of the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals (March 11-20, 2022) Startups Track, where leading startups from around the world showcase some of the most impressive tech innovations to a hand-picked panel of judges and a live audience. Of the 655 companies that applied to present at the SXSW Pitch 2022, MATSUKO was selected as one of 50 finalists across 10 separate categories.

To learn more about MATSUKO, visit his website:

MATSUKO is the first creator of a holographic calling app that fills that missing element in existing means of video conferencing – our presence. It brings people together, improves relationships and fruitful collaborations while reducing environmental impact.

Founded in 2017 at Slovakia, MATSUKO is building an all-software solution that allows people to be modeled in three dimensions and transferred to real space and in real time. What makes it unique is the use of a single camera found in smartphones or computers. Our product makes it possible to experience the future of communication today and experience true presence with hologram meetings. Learn more about us at

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