Marvell unveils co-packaged optics technology platform at OFC 2022

Marvell unveils co-packaged optics technology platform at OFC 2022

SAN DIEGO, March 7, 2022 — Marvell today announced its first-generation cloud-optimized co-packaged optics (CPO) technology platform to enable faster connectivity while reducing power consumption. The new platform features highly integrated 2.5D/3D silicon photonics, including lasers, TIAs, drivers and its industry-leading PAM4 DSP. Marvell will showcase its CPO technology platform during a demonstration at its booth #2301 at the Optical Networking and Communication (OFC) conference in San Diego, March 6-10, 2022.

As artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and high-performance computing (HPC) applications continue to increase bandwidth requirements, compounded by the increasing power and physical limitations of new-generation switches generation used in cloud data centers, disruptive technical innovation is required. These requirements can only be met with high-bandwidth connectivity offered in a small, cost-effective form factor that can reduce power consumption and enable higher-density systems. Marvell’s CPO technology platform is the promising path to making this a reality.

The Silicon Photonics CPO demonstration showcases the Marvell Teralynx switching platform along with Marvell CPO electro-optics integrated into a standard 32-port 1 rack unit (RU) optical switch. The demo is the basis for Marvell’s upcoming 3.2T CPO platform for the 51.2T switch generation. The demonstration will also highlight laser integration into the CPO platform and ODM integration to support ecosystem readiness. Marvell’s support for standards-based solutions and an open ecosystem approach to integration and interoperability of switches and optics are key to these developments.

“As cloud data center bandwidth demand increases rapidly, so do power and operational challenges. CPO will become more relevant over time,” said Vlad Kozlov, Founder and CEO, LightCounting Market Research. “While pluggables will continue to be the dominant form factor over the next 3-5 years, the demand for CPO is expected to increase and will complement pluggables for next-generation data center optics.”

“Marvell has the technology required to enable CPO for next-generation cloud data centers,” said Radha Nagarajan, senior vice president and chief technology officer, optical and copper connectivity group, Marvell. “We encourage standards-based interoperability so end users can choose the best solution for their application. CPO will start to gain traction in future generations of switches, but it’s important to address all supply chain challenges now. By having an integrated ODM 1RU switch, it presents a platform capable of solving these challenges. »

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