Local mom makes career swap to start successful business – Boston 25 News

Local mom makes career swap to start successful business – Boston 25 News

Providing fresh, healthy food for your children can always be a challenge. For a local mom, she found out that wasn’t even an option years ago. She has turned her passion into an international business. A mother from Wayland has successfully completed a career swap to help parents make food for their own babies quickly and easily.

Before following her passion for creating healthy baby food products, Liza Huber starred as Gwen Hotchkiss for nearly a decade on the daytime soap opera “Passions.”

“If you had told me ten years ago that crafting was actually my real passion, I would have said you were crazy what did that come from?” said Liza Huber, creator and owner of Sage Spoonfuls. .

Little did she know that life would take her on a different path when the show ended as she was pregnant with her second child. Liza’s son was born nine weeks premature and was fighting for his life in the NICU.

“I mean we almost lost it twice and that was a complete game-changer for me,” Huber said.

The desire to act on another soap was gone, and instead Liza’s desire was to make fresh, healthy baby food. She realized at the time that there was a big hole in the market.

“No product on the market makes it easy to provide fresh, healthy food for your baby, everything is a chore, and it should be easy for busy parents or caregivers to provide healthy food,” Huber said.

Liza did a two-year concept at inception and while pregnant with her fourth child, she launched her product, Sage Spoonfuls. She had no idea how fast it would grow – signing a deal with Buy Buy Baby five months in advance.

“What I thought was going to be just maybe a boutique with maybe a mother-owned indie brand took off like wildfire,” Huber said.

It started with BPA-free plastic baby food jars, and has since expanded to glass containers, reusable zip bags and silicone plates. But there were bumps along the way, a $35,000 mistake on a design package, and questions about whether she could do it without any business experience.

“I said no, I can do it, I have no idea what’s to come, but I believe in myself so much that I’m just going to figure this out along the way,” Huber said.

Liza visits the New Jersey production warehouse frequently, not only to oversee her business, but also to visit a group of special needs adults she employs who have truly become like family to her. .

“We are so grateful that they are doing this meaningful work for us and we are also very happy with the independence it gives them,” said Huber.

Sage Spoonfuls is now in major retailers like Pottery Barn Kids, Target, Walmart and Amazon. Liza continues to lean on her husband and other female entrepreneurs for guidance and, in turn, offers her advice to those who follow their passion.

“Just do it,” Huber said. “There is never the right time, there is never enough money, you never have enough experience. Don’t wait, go plant your seeds and just start believing in yourself and in your idea, because if you don’t, somebody’s going to come right behind you and they’re going to do it.

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