Lewis Hamilton wears a Bottega Veneta jumpsuit at Paris Fashion Week

Lewis Hamilton wears a Bottega Veneta jumpsuit at Paris Fashion Week

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Paris Fashion Week, the women’s edition, was back in full swing after nearly two years of mostly digital shows and presentations. The crowds have indeed returned, and with them, the spectacle of street style. Publishers, retailers, influencers, celebrities and wannabes apparently had no qualms about peacocking in front of photographers. My Instagram feed was full of colorful birds. But the guy who really caught my eye, the one who showed off his feathers the best, was Lewis Hamilton.

The Formula 1 driver is a fashion lover, the kind of guy who takes risks. For him, clothes are apparently a way to communicate creativity and celebrate avant-garde design. He first displayed this sentiment at the Valentino show, sitting next to Zendaya in a nylon top coat, silk pajama shirt, silk pajama pantsand combat boots all by Valentino. Later that day, he changed into a cream silk pussy-bow blouse, also from Valentino. The man is brave in clothing, no doubt. What really showed his fearlessness, however, came a day later, outside the Hôtel de Crillon, where Hamilton stepped out in a Bottega Veneta black belted jumpsuit. He paired it with Chelsea boots from the Italian label, Retrosuperfuture sunglasses and a pearl necklace in rainbow colors by Polite Worldwide.

Lewis Hamilton at Paris Fashion Week.


A dark jumpsuit, also called a flight jumpsuit or a boiler jumpsuit, is not standard, let alone with a strand of pearls. Michael Myers (the babysitter killer, not the comedian) is the one that normally comes to mind when I think of style. Second, the mechanics. But I didn’t get either vibe from the set of Hamilton. There was nothing menacing or utilitarian about it, probably because the fit was loose and belted. Hamilton, instead, imbued swagger and playfulness. The colorful necklace also helped. He was clearly having fun at fashion week, and if ever given the same opportunity, so should you. Better yet, have fun when you feel it’s appropriate. Try a wetsuit (just make sure it’s roomy). Try pearls. Try them together. Ruffle some feathers, because that’s what makes life interesting.

If you’re inspired, we’ve found Hamilton’s head-to-toe look. But few are Formula 1 racers, so we’re looking less too.

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