Kontrol BioCloud technology identifies flu virus in tests

Kontrol BioCloud technology identifies flu virus in tests

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Control Technologies Corp. (NEO: KNR) (OTCQB: KNRLF) (FSE: 1K8) (“Control“or the”Company”), a leader in smart building technology, has completed initial testing of BioCloud technology in Japan and delivered a positive detection of the influenza virus. Initial testing indicates application of BioCloud technology for influenza virus.

“BioCloud technology innovation is based on taking a manual lab process and automating that process in real time, with the goal of monitoring ambient air for early viral detection,” says Gary Saunders, President from Kontrol BioCloud. “Since the beginning of our technology development, we have indicated our intention to be able to detect several viruses and pathogens as part of the overall security of the area. We are pleased with the first positive tests with the aerosolized flu virus.

Initial trials

Following the press release of January 14and, 2022 (Kontrol Technologies is expanding BioCloud technology in Japan) and in collaboration with its local partner, testing was done through a lab in Japan and initial testing was focused on Kontrol BioCloud’s ability to capture the aerosolized influenza virus in its exclusive collection chamber. Based on initial testing, BioCloud technology was able to successfully capture the virus.

The testing summary of initial test results is provided on pages 15-17 of the BioCloud test document (

“With a growing movement to monitor air quality in buildings with early virus detection systems, BioCloud continues to be well positioned to deliver solutions that seek to create safer spaces in the global economy,” says Paul Ghezzi, CEO of Kontrol Technologies.

The Company makes no express or implied representation that its product has the ability to eliminate, cure, or contain COVID-19 (or the SARS-2 coronavirus).

About Control BioCloudMT

Control BioCloud (“BioCloud”) is an operating subsidiary of Kontrol Technologies. BioCloud technology is a real-time analyzer designed to detect airborne viruses and pathogens. BioCloud is an air quality technology and not a medical device. BioCloud was designed to work as a safe space technology by continuously sampling air quality. With a proprietary detection chamber that can be replaced as needed, viruses are detected and a silent notification system is created. BioCloud can be applied to any space where individuals gather. Additional information about Kontrol BioCloud can be found on its website at

Control Technologies Corp.

Kontrol Technologies Corp., a Canadian public company, is a leader in smart buildings and cities through IoT, Cloud and SaaS technology. Kontrol provides solutions and services to its customers to improve energy management, continuously monitor emissions and accelerate the sustainability of all buildings.

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