Jaunt Air Mobility Partners with L&T Technology Services for Advanced Air Mobility Program | Your money

Jaunt Air Mobility Partners with L&T Technology Services for Advanced Air Mobility Program |  Your money


Jaunt Air Mobility (“Jaunt”) today announced that the company will be working with L&T Technology Services Limited (“LTTS”) (BSE: 540115, NSE: LTTS) as an essential engineering partner.

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Martin Peryea, CEO (left) of Jaunt Air Mobility signs an agreement with Amit Chadha, CEO of LTTS (right). Jaunt today announced that the company will be working with L&T Technology Services Limited as a key engineering partner on the Jaunt Journey eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) air taxi. (Photo: BusinessWire)

Working with Jaunt, Jaunt Canada and the Canadian government, LTTS will provide end-to-end engineering support in structural design analysis and certification to develop the all-electric Jaunt Journey VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft.

LTTS is a pure-play global engineering services company. LTTS has a proven track record in developing high performance engineered solutions for global aerospace and defense companies for over a decade and supporting mission critical defense programs. With offices around the world, including Toronto, Canada, LTTS plans to open R&D offices in Montreal to advance Jaunt in the design, development and production of the Jaunt Journey.

Jaunt Air Mobility is deploying a new generation of aircraft to meet the demand for faster urban and regional travel. The Jaunt Journey takes off like a helicopter and transitions to flight like a fixed-wing aircraft using patented Slowed-Rotor Compound (SRC) technology. This new air transport makes it possible to fly approximately 70 miles in the air in 25 minutes or less, with affordable travel costs for the public. The Jaunt Journey, a single-pilot aircraft, will carry four passengers. The vehicle will provide urban air mobility, cargo delivery, military missions and medical transport.

Martin Peryea, Jaunt CEO and CTO, said“At Jaunt, our vision is to usher in a new-age range of city commuters that are fast, safe and convenient. This new clean and sustainable aircraft will reduce carbon emissions worldwide. Strategically, we continue to grow our Tier 1 partnerships and recognize LTTS as the most suitable engineering partner, and together we are confident to drive commercialization at scale.”

Amit Chadha, CEO and Managing Director, L&T Technology Services, commented“This partnership marks an important milestone for the LTTS team, given the tremendous opportunities opening up in advanced air mobility (AAM) and drone services that are emerging as alternatives to increasingly crowded ground mobility in We believe this program will set the benchmark for future AAM projects, and our team is excited to build on this important commitment with Jaunt, with the ultimate goal of making urban travel safer, greener, more efficient and more reliable”.

About Jaunt

Jaunt Air Mobility is a transformative aerospace company headquartered in Dallas, TX with design and manufacturing located in Montreal, Canada. Jaunt is building the next generation of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) and electric hybrid VTOL aircraft for faster, quieter and safer travel in urban areas, moving people and packages. Jaunt is the world leader in the development of Slowed-Rotor Compound (SRC) technology. The Jaunt Journey is the world’s first electric aircraft combining helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft flight capabilities. Jaunt has partnered with Tier 1 aviation partners to develop the Journey and is working with global operators to deliver this new form of travel. Jaunt offers the most operationally efficient aircraft with a zero carbon footprint. For more information, visit

On October 6, 2021, Jaunt entered into a merger agreement with AIRO Group Holdings, Inc. (AIRO Group) and certain of its affiliates, pursuant to which Jaunt will become a wholly owned subsidiary of AIRO Group. The AIRO Group will bring together decades of cutting-edge technology with its group companies to provide best-in-class products and services capable of serving a wide range of aerospace markets. The AIRO Group operates technologies that span data systems, resupply package delivery, military aerospace training, manned/unmanned military and commercial aircraft systems, and avionics technologies.

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