HNM Systems Announces New Operating Model and Technology-Driven Digital Presence

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SOLANA BEACH, Calif., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HNM Systems, Inc.., a technology-focused recruitment company, today announced a new operating model and increased digital presence, aimed at continuing its mission to unite people, technology and purpose. The new model and technology-focused website also help HNM Systems reinvent its current operations by integrating new technologies, automating workflow, engaging strategic partners, and establishing cross-functional team alignment focused on customer priorities.

As HNM Systems continues to evolve, the Managing Director Heather Moyer seized the opportunity to realign the business, creating a five-step approach called the Unique Custom Operating Model. The goal of this model is to dramatically improve delivery to customers and continue HNM’s pursuit of positively impacting three million lives. By leveraging new and existing automation and artificial intelligence tools, this process will enable the implementation of highly targeted candidate marketing, leverage existing networks, and deliver exceptional employee retention.

While HNM Systems has been continually recognized for its people-centric approach, a new realignment of three core business units has been designed to take the business to the next level. This dedicated and customer-centric approach further enables the advancement of customers through technological evolution and specialized domain expertise. Going forward, each business unit – Information Technology, Wireless and Wireline, and Network and Utility Construction – will have a dedicated team of industry experts committed to helping them succeed.

“The evolution of the talent landscape over the past twenty months is remarkable,” said Heather Moyer, President and CEO of HNM Systems. “Along with rapid industry changes, HNM was asked to reinvent our approach to accessing, hiring and retaining the world’s top talent. the most difficult climate. Our success reinforces our customers’ competitive advantage and our collective goal of positively impacting three million lives.

In addition to the new operating process, HNM has invested in a website overhaul. The new technology-focused site launched in February 2022 and includes an advanced toolset, updated color palette, and futuristic design elements in line with new operating processes.

About HNM Systems
With over 30 years of combined technical staffing experience, HNM Systems offers direct hires, hire contracts, and work placements in the telecommunications, utilities, and IT industries. HNM also offers turnkey engineering services for the design of exterior and interior facilities, electrical utilities and Wi-Fi systems.

Our industry expertise, exceptional client experience and proprietary screening process allow us to deliver the highest quality candidates. Additionally, our commitment to coaching and nurturing entrepreneurs ensures that staff retention and satisfaction remain high. For more information, visit

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