GIWUS Technology Announces World’s First Fully Automated AI-Controlled Fire Protection System

GIWUS Technology Announces World's First Fully Automated AI-Controlled Fire Protection System

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GIWUS Technology, LLC Multinational Inventors (, invented the world’s first fully automated artificial intelligence (AI) controlled fire safety system. The system includes an Ultraxs firefighting robot and a smart app. This innovative system interfaces seamlessly with existing fire suppression systems and the metaverse to automatically detect and extinguish fires in a world record time of less than 55 seconds, without any human intervention.

1. Ultrax is an intelligent robotic firefighter equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and extinguish fires. This system is designed to prevent uncontrolled spread of fire, occurrence of false alarms, waste of fire extinguishing equipment, irreversible damage and loss of life, as well as financial and environmental losses.

1.1. Artificial intelligence: The world’s first fully automated AI-controlled firing system that acts like a human brain to ensure it makes the right decision under all circumstances without the need for human intervention. It automatically learns surrounding conditions and applies AI to operate in new situations.

1.2. Smart detector: Traditional fire alarms are untrustworthy due to the constant occurrence of false alarms. Ultraxs uses the fastest and smartest fire detection technology in the fire industry, reducing false alarms by 99%. This system detects a fire in a record time of less than 21 seconds.

1.3. Advanced fire suppression: Ultraxs has a robust fire suppression system to aim and eliminate fire with precision in less than 27 seconds. The system has precision aiming functionality that reduces property damage costs by 99%.

1.4. Metavers: This system is the world’s first fire safety product that integrates with Metaverse technology. Ultraxs connects users to the metaverse world as a gateway and allows the user to virtually observe, intervene, control and even be educated on fire detection and suppression processes.

2. Smart app: Ultraxs has announced the smartest app that monitors the entire process from detection to elimination of fires without human intervention. It shows the location of the fire and is accessible to users through its smart app.

Detection in 21 seconds, deletion in 26 seconds; How it works.

Ultraxs is a cutting-edge technology that uses high-level artificial intelligence (AI). When a fire is identified, the AI ​​takes over and undertakes several tasks simultaneously by monitoring different components of the device; The Ultraxs detector rotates 360 degrees continuously and identifies a fire in seconds with the utmost accuracy while analyzing fire patterns; it makes the right decisions with 99% accuracy; its app starts sending alarms and notifications in different languages ​​based on the user’s selection; it also shows all exits from the building. The AI ​​commands the fire suppression system to 1) rotate 360 ​​degrees and use precision aimed at eliminating fire in less than 27 seconds, and 2) disperse materials in the immediate area of ​​the fire, thus sparing the surrounding areas from damage and subsequent loss. The AI ​​is able to detect several fire cases simultaneously. In the event of a fire, the firefighter can virtually see the location of the fire through 3D metaverse technology and analyze the current fire, false alarms, people to be rescued, etc.

In the event of a power outage, Ultraxs has a backup battery that can power the device for up to 130 hours. AI enables Ultraxs to intelligently connect to all existing fire detectors/fire alarm systems in any building for an even safer fire protection system. Ultraxs works globally (can interface with existing fire protection systems), while also working locally, eliminating all exposed basement pipes and equipment, if desired.

Ultraxs highly sophisticated state-of-the-art detector technology reduces false alarms and errors by 99%, a ubiquitous factor among all deadly fires, as evidenced by the recent Bronx fire case in New York.

Your smart home is incomplete without Ultraxs

Not only does Ultraxs add a high level of intelligence to the fire safety industry, it will also protect your smart home by offering customers the ability to add Google™ Assistant, Apple HomePod™ mini, Amazon™ Alexa and Echo to the app. The Ultraxs Smart App is programmed to connect wirelessly to Ultraxs Robotic Firefighter via Bluetooth™. Users can access the smart app on a phone, tablet or computer. Ultraxs can be used in residential properties, commercial buildings, data centers, factories, hospitals, ships, gas stations, etc.

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