Technology’s revolutionary redemption portal technology makes “sending the gift of choice” more fun and engaging than ever's revolutionary redemption portal technology makes "sending the gift of choice" more fun and engaging than ever

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–So the Corporate Gifting and Incentive (CGI) solution that enables businesses and individuals to streamline and automate gifting programs by leveraging a wide range of brands and proprietary gifting technology, officially launched its revolutionary solution Redemption portal solution.

This amazing new tool allows gift givers to send a personalized and personalized redemption experience to one or more valued recipients with just a few mouse clicks and providing the recipient with the ability to select “the gift of their choice”, thus merging digital and physical seamlessly. provide a fun, engaging and personalized experience.

the Refund Portal Technology is designed to delight employees, prospects and customers by offering over 10,000 gift options that can be redeemed by the recipient online and securely.

The system allows users to create custom and personalized landing pages in seconds, attach a curated gift catalog, and turn the gift giving experience into a fun and memorable affair worthy of e-shopping.

How? ‘Or’ What Redemption Portal Technology works:

  1. Build the Redemption experience

    The platform makes it quick and easy to create dozens of Redemption landing pages and invitation emails that can be filled with images, animated GIFs, and/or video greetings. This step aims to personalize the experience down to the smallest detail and truly reflect the relationship between sender and receiver.

  2. Choose selected gift options

    Users can create and attach curated catalogs to their buyouts with just a few clicks. They can build different catalogs of gifts and merchandise depending on the profile of the recipient(s), selecting from thousands of items from our partners and depending on the desired budget.

  3. Send the “gift of choice”

    Once the user is happy with the redemption they have created, they can send the personalized link to the recipient. The platform has several security features to prevent unauthorized redemptions and provides the visibility needed to track and monitor redemption activity and engagement.

Mark Mancini, Founder and CEO of Givenly, said: “The idea behind our Refund Portal Technology was born when we realized that similar offerings on the market offered very little flexibility to the sender of Redemption themselves, in terms of allowing them to create a personalized experience for their recipients. We evaluated the feature internally before launching it, and it turned out to be a great tool for expressing our gratitude and celebrating ourselves through thoughtful gestures. We think it’s the middle ground between choosing a gift yourself and giving the recipient(s) several options to choose from. We hope many companies will make good use of it.

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