Decapitation photos make way for corporate email: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter

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Suspicion: Mayfield Road

A Mr. Tire manager reported on Feb. 25 that the store’s email account had received multiple emails with graphic images attached. He said the images showed decapitated heads, a bloodied toddler and other grotesque images.

The messages were believed to be spam. The incident has been documented.

Vandalism: Mayfield Road

A woman said on March 2 that someone poured ketchup on her vehicle while it was parked overnight at Gates Mills Place apartments.

Disruption: Mayfield Road

Officers responded to Walmart on March 1 regarding a report of a woman who was angry and threatening people for unknown reasons. Responders located the woman and arranged for her to be taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Vandalism: Lander Road

Two flat tires were found on a company vehicle at Landerbrook Transitional Care on February 25. There were no known suspects, but staff suggested the damage could have been caused by a recently fired employee.

Theft: Mayfield Road

A woman reported on February 26 that she accidentally left her wallet in a utility room at Gates Mills Place apartments and it was missing when she returned to pick it up.

There were credit cards inside the wallet, but no known fraudulent charges had been made against them at the time of the report. The incident is under investigation.

Suspicious person: Marsol Road

A woman said on February 28 that she was in a laundry room at the Drake apartments when a man walked in and then exposed his penis and began to pleasure himself.

She said he casually covered up and walked out of the room where he realized he had been caught.

Responders did not locate the man.

Suspicion: Summit Drive

A resident reported Feb. 24 that a stranger knocked on his front door and then took a package from the porch that FedEx had delivered. There was no one home at the time of the incident, which was recorded on surveillance video.

The suspect left in a van, which appeared to be occupied by two other people.

Fraud: Maplewood Road

The Golden Gate Gardens property manager reported on March 1 that the company’s email had been hacked and a mass email had been sent to thousands of contacts asking to buy a card Google Play and the return of a photo of the redemption code.

She learned of the incident when she found an envelope in the company’s drop box containing a Google Play gift card from a stranger.

Stolen Vehicle: Interstate 271

A man reported on March 3 that his vehicle suffered a flat tire on February 14, so he left it locked to the side of the road. He found it missing when he returned for it two days later.

He said he did not immediately report the theft as he was checking with multiple agencies to see if it had been towed. No tow was located, so the vehicle was reported stolen.

Domestic Violence: Interstate 271

A 22-year-old Euclid man was arrested for domestic violence on March 2 after an incident in a vehicle involving the mother of his child. He was also cited for child endangerment because their child was in the back seat.

The man turned out to have an active warrant from Euclid for domestic violence. Officers asked the woman if she was the victim in this case, and she said she assumed that was the case because the police were so often at her home.

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