COLUMN: The very serious, ultimate and essential men’s fashion guide | Culture

COLUMN: The very serious, ultimate and essential men's fashion guide |  Culture

Women have a plethora of fashion items to turn to when they need advice on what to wear for a cocktail party or a mini-vacation in the Maldives. However, men do not have this luxury.

Men’s fashion advice articles that exist outside of GQ are rare. Granted, most men think wearing basketball shorts and a hoodie is the height of fashion. Nonetheless, I still think they deserve a chance to learn the ins and outs of being a fashion icon on the next pub crawl or boys night out.

To make sure I accurately portrayed common men’s dress mistakes, I scoured several dating apps and old photos of my ex-boyfriend before I put him on trend. I also watched the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2021-2022 show To display and was inspired by the brand’s modest yet funky outfits. hypebeast is also a great resource if you want to know the latest contemporary and streetwear trends.

Here are some faux pas and how to avoid these fashion disasters.

The leg stranglers

We’ve all had the distressed denim skinny jeans phase, myself included. I blame One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Don’t worry, there is a simple alternative to these compelling threats.

If you still love jeans but want your legs to breathe, try a pair of dad jeans. Roll up the cuffs and pair the jeans with white sneakers. If you’re feeling more adventurous, wear these baggy jeans with patches to add extra pizzazz to the look. Loose jeans also make your legs look fuller, so you can skip leg day at the gym.

The multi-pocket flop

So you’re going on a mini beach vacation with all your buddies. You are single and ready to mingle. The only problem is that you don’t know what to pack to attract the ladies. Before you start making rash decisions out of desperation, be sure to throw your cargo shorts and flip flops into the nearest fire. The only thing the combination of cargo shorts and flip flops will attract is toe-dragging and a well-timed seagull drop.

Instead, pack a pair of casual beach treads The shoes and green or beige bridge shorts. Add a green knit shirtand even the seagulls will respect you.

The rusty chain link fence fandom prop

Anyone who wears a chain necklace is automatically bada**. However, if you’re wearing a chain necklace, you need to invest in quality metal. Rusty chain necklaces are a huge annoyance and dangerous. Not to be dramatic, but you could catch tetanus and die from your bad taste.

H&M jewelry may look cool for a day, but metal necklaces will turn green after a sweaty workout at the gym. Invest in stainless steel chains instead. Kay Jewelers Where Elite sports equipment. Then walk confidently down the campus sidewalk as your silver necklace shines in the eyes of your enemies.

The prune look-alike

I know it’s sometimes difficult to keep all your clothes spotless and wrinkle-free, especially if you live in a cramped dorm room on campus. However, to stay on top of its fashion potential, you have to invest in an iron.

Walmart sells affordable iron that you can use to quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes before class. This way you can look well-dressed even if you’re only wearing a Husker t-shirt and sweatpants.

The “ugh” of shoes

The only time wearing Uggs is okay is if you’re alone inside your house and there’s a blizzard. I can understand the need to keep your feet warm, but Uggs just aren’t. They’re easily stained, hard to clean, and they look weird with any pants that aren’t tight.

A better alternative to those fuzzy clodhoppers are Chaco Puff Liner The shoes. Initially, these shoes may look strange, but they are not easily stained by snow, they are fuzzy and they look cool. They also look like something Kanye West would wear, and we all secretly want to look like this multifaceted man.

Kidding aside, I hope my fashion tips will help you choose your next outfit. Even if you don’t consider yourself an extravagant chest of drawers, sometimes you just have to try something weird. You never know, you might like it or not. Either way, fashion isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Wear what you like and make it fashionable. Please at least throw away your cargo shorts.

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