Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. enters into a cooperation agreement with Guangxi Qiuyinong to showcase the beauty of oriental tea art

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd.  enters into a cooperation agreement with Guangxi Qiuyinong to showcase the beauty of oriental tea art

NEW YORK, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: CSCW) (“Color Star” or the “Company”), a globally networked entertainment technology company focused on the application of technology and artificial intelligence in the industry entertainment, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Color Sky Entertainment Ltd. entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi Qiuyinong Trade Co., Ltd (“Qiu”). Qui’s tea brand “San Si Yi Ting” will be introduced on Color Star’s metaverse platform, making it the first Asian tea brand to enter the platform.

The Qiu tea brand “San Si Yi Ting” originates from the fundamentals of Asian tea culture, and covers various areas such as tea categories, featured teahouses, and cultural and creative tea products. In accordance with the strategic cooperation agreement, Qiu will establish a virtual concept store on the Color World metaverse platform using Color Star’s platform edges and artificial intelligence technology. The two companies plan to strengthen their in-depth cooperation and implement a series of additional measures related to Asian tea culture, online sales and cultural popularization. Color Star expects Qiu to launch more of its trademarks in the global market, which can help promote tea culture in more countries and regions. This cooperation is expected to both enrich the Color World metaverse platform and expand the development of physical products and virtual products (e.g. NFT products) with partner companies, which the company believes will in turn bring more profit to Color Star.

Currently, the Color World metaverse app has launched on Android and Apple app stores, with an Asian version to be launched soon. The Company expects this availability in Asia to grow significantly beyond the platform’s current user base of over 1 million users. Potential partners anticipate this increase and continue to explore collaboration within Color World. With the rise of the metaverse trend, the Company believes in the potential of artificial intelligence to provide users with an optimized experience.

Lucas Capetian, CEO of Color Star, commented, “Although our Color World software is now in beta, based on user feedback after release, the software build and on-screen experience are both quite satisfactory, which gives us more confidence to continue. invest in R&D and optimization. Moreover, our investors and partners have also affirmed this, which is well illustrated by the presence of many traders.”

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