Bill Ackman Says World War III Has “Probably Already Begun”

Bill Ackman Says World War III Has "Probably Already Begun"

  • Bill Ackman said World War III may have started and the United States had been “slow to realize it”.
  • The billionaire said the United States must impose tougher sanctions and stop buying Russian oil.
  • He compared the use of Russian rockets against Ukrainian citizens to Adolf Hitler’s gas chambers.

Bill Acman noted on Twitter that World War III may have already begun.

“World War III has probably started, but it’s been a while for us to recognize that,” the billionaire hedge fund manager said in a thread on Saturday.

“We are in the early innings of Putin’s global aspirations. With every ‘win’ he is encouraged to take more. He tests us, and we fail every time,” he added, referring to the president. Russian Vladimir Putin.

Ackman said he had nightmares about the possibility of another world war. He compared the dreams to those he had in 2020 before COVID-19 shut down the United States. At the time, only a few thousand people had tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States, but Ackman said “hell is coming” and called for a national lockdown during a interview with CNBC.

“In January 2020 I had nightmares about the potential for a pandemic, but everyone seemed to think I was crazy,” Ackman said on Twitter. “I have similar nightmares now.”

Ackman said NATO and the United States were acting out of “afraid of provoking Putin”, while Putin noted Western support for Ukraine in the form of sanctions and supplies amounts to a declaration of war.

Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital, added that there was more to do before the United States entered “a hot war with Russia”. The billionaire said the United States should stop buying Russian oil and work to supply Ukraine with more weapons and intelligence. He added that if the sanction fails, NATO should reconsider applying a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“When I was a child and heard about the Holocaust, I asked my grandparents why they hadn’t done more to save millions of people from genocide in World War II,” Ackman said. “They didn’t have very good answers. What will we say to our grandchildren when they ask us why we left tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of Ukrainians to die?

The billionaire’s latest tweet thread came a week after he called on President Joe Biden to “establish a real red line” and consider military intervention in Ukraine.

On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again called for an international boycott of Russian oil, as well as for the West to impose new, tougher sanctions.

Biden called on Congress to approve $10 billion in aid for Ukraine. The proposal includes assistance to help bolster Ukraine’s defenses and protect its electricity grid from disruption.

Biden has noted US troops “will not be engaged in the conflict” and have rejected Ukraine’s request for a no-fly zone. But it has noted the United States will act if Russia moves against NATO territory using “the full force of our collective power”.

Ultimately, Ackman said China held the most power when it came to ending Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“Putin probably respects and fears China,” Ackman said on Twitter. “China can rise on the world stage by helping solve this crisis. Time is running out before many more 18-month-olds die.”

China has yet to impose sanctions on Russia, although Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi noted On Monday, the country was willing to act as a mediator between the two countries.

A spokesperson for Ackman said the billionaire had nothing more to add to his Twitter comments.