Arize expands smart apartment technology ecosystem with new products and upgrades

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arize, an innovator in smart apartment technology, announced the launch of its next generation of IoT devices, including the Arize Smart Thermostat, Arize Smoke Earphone, and 2nd generation upgrades for existing products. The Smart Thermostat and 2nd Generation products are now available for purchase at

Specialists in full vertical and legacy integration, Arize challenges smart tech giants with their “smart made simple” business model. Arize’s smart thermostat offers customizable batch programming, extreme temperature control, and works with 85% of HVAC systems. Users can customize schedules, weather ranges, and manage energy costs while avoiding damage from extreme weather conditions.

“The Smoke Detector turns any smoke alarm into a 24-hour smart home solution, providing additional security and peace of mind for property managers and their residents,” says Chao Wang, Deputy Managing Director at Arize. “The Arize Smoke Listener can identify smoke alerts from any ionization or photoelectric smoke detector on the market and provide real-time alerts to users through the app.”

Bothn/a Arize generation product upgrade feature:

– Entrance sensor, motion detector and water leak detectors:

  • New form factor for easier installation

– Arize smart lock:

  • Sharing of digital codes between friends and family (F&F), distribution of maintenance/inspection codes for self-guided tours
  • Keypad locks after consecutive failed entries
  • Lock sabotage alert
  • Connection port compatible with 9V backup battery

“Our new Smart Thermostat and Smoke Listener will strengthen our smart home ecosystem to provide multi-family owners, operators and residents with a more robust network of devices. Products can be controlled and managed through our Arize Smart Hub and platform. form of property management, providing automated solutions that enhance the safety, security, and convenience of a home.” says Wang. “The adoption of smart apartment technology elevates the property class, increases the NOI, and improves the efficiency of management and maintenance operations. We prioritize convenience and value for property managers and residents. These new devices are effective on both fronts.”

This new release and product upgrade is the first in Arize’s efforts to disrupt the smart apartment industry and expand its ecosystem, developing innovative solutions that seamlessly form connections that enrich people’s lives.

Learn more about Arize and the future of smart home technology:

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About Arize
Arize is a smart apartment technology provider that designs building automation solutions for multi-family homeowners. Our products help property managers protect their communities from intrusion, connect with their residents, and improve the apartment living experience. Arize offers smart locks, water leak detectors, motion detectors, smoke detectors and more, all made to meet the ever-growing needs of property managers and their residents.

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