Why Trump can’t be trusted to stop the redskin threat

Why Trump can’t be trusted to stop the redskin threat

The American conservative magazine The American Spectator is calling for President Donald Trump to fire White House chief strategist Steve Bannon for his role in the “redskin” threat, which it said is being promoted by a handful of Trump advisers who are “out of touch” with the country’s demographics and political realities.

“I’m not sure why the president is allowing Bannon to be in this position,” said author and former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Rollins.

“He needs to do a better job of understanding how the white working class voted, the demographics of our country, and how the political climate is changing.”

Rollins, who also served as chief strategist to former President George W. Bush and Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, is calling on Trump to dismiss Bannon, a longtime Trump loyalist who helped propel Trump to the White House in 2016.

The American Republican writer and columnist said Bannon should be fired for failing to grasp that Trump has a core constituency that he cannot ignore.

“It’s not just a question of him not understanding what’s going on, but it’s a question about him not seeing the strategic opportunities that are ahead,” Rollins said in an interview with The American Prospect.

“The president has to make a decision that the political landscape has changed and that Bannon is not the guy who can fix that.

That’s not to say that Bannon should get a pass, but he should at least be looking at this from a different perspective.”

Rollins said that Bannon’s lack of understanding about demographics, the Trump brand, and politics has allowed Trump to continue to advance the agenda of his base.

“If you look at the president’s numbers, you’ll see that his support among white voters is declining,” Rollins told The American Progressive.

“What we’ve seen in a lot of recent polls, from exit polls, is that his base is declining.

He’s losing white working-class voters to the Democrats, and they’re not necessarily white men, but they’re Democrats.

So if you look closely at what Bannon’s doing, he’s helping to make that a reality.”

Rollins also said Bannon is undermining Trump’s efforts to win back white working men.

“Bannon has been able to turn a lot more working- class white people against him than he has against the Democrats.

That has been an enormous failure for the president,” Rollins explained.

“There are a lot less working- and middle-class white voters in the country now than there were in 2016, and he’s not going to win them back.”

Bannon is one of the key figures behind Trump’s successful push for immigration reform and to expand the number of refugees allowed into the country.

During his time at the White Houses National Security Council, Bannon was a vocal proponent of allowing more refugees into the United States, and has called for Trump to make the border more secure.

“We have to stop letting refugees pour in, we have to start getting them to safety,” Bannon told the conservative outlet Breitbart News in 2016 in response to a call from then-candidate Trump to “open up our borders.”

“We need to start having an immigration policy that actually is secure,” Bannon continued.

“That’s why I support an immigration reform package that puts a cap on the number that we allow to come into the U.S. That will require some negotiation.

It’s not easy, but we have got to do it.”

The American political writer and former speechwriter to Republican Senator Joe Lieberman also suggested Bannon is a “bad choice” for the job.

“Steve Bannon is in the way of what the president needs,” said Rollins.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Rollins said the president should fire Bannon for failing in his duty to lead the country “by embracing the Trump agenda, and his political allies.”

“The American conservative movement must stand up to the Trump administration.

This is a job for people who can think for themselves and for their families, not for ideologues who are out of touch with the people they serve,” Rollins added.

The Republican National Committeewoman, who was a top adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden, said Trump should fire him for failing the president on immigration.

“In the end, the president has no choice but to do what is best for the country, the economy, and the future of the country,” Rollins argued.

“As long as Steve Bannon is at the helm, it’s impossible for the administration to do anything but further the agenda the president laid out in his victory speech.”

The article in The American National, the magazine of The American Enterprise Institute, is a response to an editorial by Rollins published in the American Prospect, the publication of the conservative think tank the American Enterprise Group.

The editorial was published Wednesday.

Rollins has called on Trump’s administration to begin the process of removing Bannon from the White in an effort to “save” his reputation.

“President Trump has to take a look at Steve Bannon and decide whether he is the right person for the role of chief strategist,” Rollins wrote


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