How to play at the 2017 Next Big Festival

How to play at the 2017 Next Big Festival

The latest news about the 2018-19 festival season has been revealed.

A new festival in Germany has been announced with an attendance of around 2,000.

The new event, the Next Big Summer festival, will take place in 2017-18.

The festival will be held on the banks of the river Nibel, near Munich.

The event will be attended by artists from the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Sweden and the United States.

The main goal of the festival is to showcase the emerging talent from across the globe, but also to give a platform to those who are still struggling with the problems of youth unemployment.

The UK-based festival will host a number of events, including a series of performances by the band, Oasis, on the grounds of the famous Schönefeld Castle.

The concert is expected to be one of the biggest events of the year for the UK’s music industry, which will see record sales of the band’s album, American Beauty.

The band will also be on hand for a performance by local pop star, Yoko Ono.

The show will take the band through the festival’s five stages, which include a special screening of the film American Beauty at the festival grounds.

The performances are expected to attract a large number of people, and will be followed by a traditional festival performance.

The next Big Summer Festival will take over the grounds at the Neukölln Park, where the festival has been held previously.

The date for the new festival has not been announced.


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