House panel: GOP is in ‘no-win situation’ if it doesn’t repeal ACA

House panel: GOP is in ‘no-win situation’ if it doesn’t repeal ACA

Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been pushing to pass legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act for months, but the GOP has been unable to agree on how to do it.

Now, a group of House Republicans are pushing a plan that would offer a fix for some of the issues they’ve struggled to resolve.

The proposal would give states more leeway to negotiate for cheaper health insurance, increase subsidies for people who need them, and provide tax credits for individuals to buy coverage on the individual market.

The plan is backed by the conservative Heritage Foundation, which is pushing to give the bill the votes needed to pass in the House.

But some Democrats have voiced concerns about the plan, saying that they want to move forward with the repeal without a deal.

The House GOP leadership has until Wednesday to present the bill, and lawmakers are expected to vote on it at that time.

A source familiar with the bill told Recode that it would include “reforms to the tax code, to the health care exchanges, to a broader array of fixes to improve the ACA that we’ve been talking about for a long time, including health care affordability.”

The source also said that the plan would provide a path to help stabilize the marketplaces if premiums rose enough to put the individual markets in a “death spiral.”

“There is a lot of room for improvement, but we’re not going to rush to do something we’re really not prepared to do,” the source said.

The GOP plan, which has not yet been publicly released, would have to be approved by the Senate before it could go to the president for his signature.

Democrats, on the other hand, have been more interested in getting the GOP bill to President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Democrats are eager to pass a bill that gives them a better chance of passing the House and making it through the Senate.

Democrats have also expressed interest in making it permanent, and have indicated that they’re open to extending the current health care law if it is not repealed.

A House Republican aide told Recoded that the party is working on “several different proposals” that are designed to address “key areas” in the bill that are “complicated, but do not pose a risk to the market.”

It’s unclear what those proposals would be.

“If the Senate passes the House bill, we will be able to move on to the Senate proposal,” the aide said.


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