Why do we need the stimulus?

Why do we need the stimulus?

Today, Congress approved $1.9 trillion in stimulus spending that includes $150 billion in unemployment compensation payments to help workers retool their businesses.

But that money is not meant to help people who are unemployed and have no hope of getting back on their feet.

The goal of the stimulus is to boost employment by getting people back to work and restoring some stability in the economy.

Congress approved the stimulus in response to the Great Recession, when more than 14 million Americans lost their jobs.

It also passed a bill that expanded unemployment benefits to help families, including children, and help people in low-wage jobs find jobs.

And it expanded other benefits to allow more Americans to keep working and help millions more get back on the job.

But even with the increased benefits, many people don’t qualify for the program.

Many unemployed Americans may not even qualify for unemployment insurance, which is available only to those who have lost their job, are unemployed for longer than two weeks and have a job-related disability.

It’s unclear if the $150 million in unemployment benefits is enough to cover all of the jobless people eligible for unemployment.

Many states are still trying to figure out how to provide some form of job training, including programs for those who lost their previous job and others who have been laid off.

As the unemployment benefits have expired, many Americans have lost hope that their job will ever get better.

And many more Americans are waiting for a government program that will help them get back to a job and keep working.

That’s because the unemployment benefit program doesn’t cover everyone who is eligible for benefits.

Those who are not eligible for a job or are unemployed but are able to work will still be eligible for the unemployment insurance program.

There are currently 2.4 million people on the federal unemployment rolls who are ineligible for unemployment benefits because they are jobless.

The vast majority of them are in their 40s and 50s, according to the Labor Department.

Those groups include people who have stopped looking for a new job, who have no new jobs to offer and who have worked full-time but have lost all their benefits.

This means many of these people are still looking for work, which can create a ripple effect throughout the economy and increase the likelihood of people falling into poverty.

The federal government has provided $8 billion in emergency unemployment aid to states to help with the job-training and job-rescue efforts.

These funds are meant to cover the cost of the jobs programs and other job-ready assistance that have been provided to those unemployed.

The money will also go to states that have not implemented their job-search programs or programs that help people find new jobs, which are more costly.

Congress has given $6.4 billion in stimulus money to states for job-prep assistance, food stamps and other unemployment assistance, according the White House.

But the job training and job retraining programs are meant only to help Americans who have recently lost their current jobs and those who are trying to re-enter the workforce.

There’s no money to help those who haven’t yet lost a job, according a White House statement.

The $150,000 in unemployment benefit payments is the latest in a series of stimulus bills that have cleared Congress.

The House passed a $2.1 trillion stimulus bill in September and the Senate passed a version of the same bill on April 28.

The Senate approved a $1 trillion supplemental spending bill for October and another $1 billion supplemental spending measure on April 27.

But a final bill is expected to be introduced in the Senate later this week, possibly with the help of Vice President Joe Biden, according CNNMoney.

Congress is also considering a bill to provide up to $10,000 to anyone who lost a jobs job because of the Great Depression.

That bill is still being negotiated, but President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the government should not pay benefits to anyone whose job was lost.

So far, the $10 billion in aid has not gone toward providing jobs for the people whose jobs were lost because of a recession, according ABC News’ Matt Lee.


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