Which is more important, Trump or Clinton?

Which is more important, Trump or Clinton?

The top three issues facing the nation’s leaders are health care, terrorism and foreign policy, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.

But which is more essential?

And why?

The Post-American survey found that two-thirds of Americans, 64 percent, say the nation needs to spend more on health care.

Twenty-one percent of respondents, or 25 million Americans, said the country needs to invest more in national security.

“I think we need to invest in the homeland,” said Mary Elizabeth Landry, a 54-year-old retiree from Pennsylvania.

“The economy, the infrastructure, the border security.”

The poll of 1,003 adults, including 602 registered voters, was conducted between Aug. 14 and Aug. 20.

The margin of error is plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.

Pollster Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster who has done work for Clinton, said in an interview that his candidate’s positions on some of these issues were the most closely watched in the race.

“She’s always been a strong advocate for health care,” Hart said.

“Her position on the economy, she’s always supported free trade.”

But Hart also said that while Trump’s position on immigration was viewed favorably by a majority of respondents and that his position on foreign policy was viewed unfavorably by a plurality, Trump’s support for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and his willingness to use force to stop the Islamic State militant group were seen more negatively by a larger percentage of voters.

Trump, in his own words, was “a very good negotiator” for the United States and that the U,S.

should continue to take action.

He also said in a tweet that he is “not running for President of the United State of America, I am running for the Presidency of the U.”

The president of the nation said on Friday that he supports the wall and will do what is necessary to stop what he said was an illegal entry into the U., but that he did not support the use of military force against the Islamic States.

“What is happening in the world right now is very dangerous,” Trump said during a visit to the White House, referring to the recent Islamic State group attacks in Paris and Belgium.

He said he has “serious doubts” that he will be able to prevent the attacks.

The poll also found that 60 percent of Americans favor an immediate reduction in the number of refugees allowed into the country and that 54 percent support a ban on refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

Hart said the issue of refugees is “totally out of control.”

“A majority of Americans say they believe refugees should be allowed in to the U; they’re the largest group of people in the U,” he said.

The survey also found a majority (53 percent) of Americans think the U needs to continue to reduce its military budget.

The Post Poll interviewed a random sample of 1 to 3,000 adults nationwide and has a margin of sampling error of plus orminus 3.6 percentage points for all respondents.

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