UAE to offer full citizenship to all citizens, including children

UAE to offer full citizenship to all citizens, including children

Dubai’s Emirati authorities have announced plans to introduce a citizenship program for all citizens of the UAE, as well as to offer citizenship to children born overseas.

The government said Tuesday that it will allow citizens of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to be citizens at birth.

They will also be eligible to receive passports.

The UAE and the UAE-based UAE Council of Ministers have agreed on a citizenship plan, a spokesman said, and will meet later this week to finalize it.

The statement was released ahead of a meeting of the government-appointed panel that advises the emirate’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The panel will discuss citizenship and identity cards for citizens of both countries, which have been in conflict since the two countries fought a brief war in 2006.

Read more about Dubai and Dubai News: UAE to announce citizenship for all residents, including kids The announcement was a rare acknowledgement of the longstanding rift between the two nations.

The UAE’s plan will allow for citizenship for those who are born in the UAE and are at least 18, the statement said.

It also allows for dual citizenship for citizens and residents.

The U.S. and the U.K. currently allow citizens from other countries to be residents of the U, but in recent years the UAE has been cracking down on its citizens who have ties to outside countries.

More from The Associated Press: Dubai’s government said that all residents will be eligible for citizenship at birth and that the country would allow dual citizenship to those who live in both countries.

Residents of both will be able to apply for citizenship by filing documents at the country’s Ministry of Interior.


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