Trump’s Iran speech could be a disaster for the US

Trump’s Iran speech could be a disaster for the US

The Trump administration is pushing for a congressional resolution authorizing a military strike on Iran, with some lawmakers even expressing concerns that it would not pass muster with the US Congress.

The White House’s official position is that the US must have military options against Iran if it decides to attack Iran, as it did in the 1960s and ’70s, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower decided to go after the Soviet Union and its ally, the Communist Chinese.

But as National Review has previously reported, a Trump administration that has already put its stamp on Iran policy has been slow to make any significant moves in that direction.

Instead, the administration has been more eager to play hardball with Iran and Iran’s allies in the Middle East and elsewhere, including the Syrian regime and its allies.

The administration has made little effort to engage with the opposition or negotiate with it, and has instead pressed for a Congressional resolution to authorize military action.

While the US has long been a critic of Iranian policy, Trump has been much more outspoken in recent months about the threat posed by Iran and the possibility that it could carry out an attack.

The Iran vote in Congress is not likely to pass.

In addition to the White House, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have all expressed concerns about the administration’s plan to strike Iran, according to the Associated Press.

The Trump White House is also considering making a show of blocking any resolution that includes sanctions against Iran.

As National Review’s Stephen Hayes explained to me, the president has said that he does not trust the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution, which he has said will be a “show vote.”

The US Senate has already approved a resolution that calls on Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program, and the House passed a similar resolution last month, with the support of President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But the White Houses insistence that the Congressional resolution must include sanctions to make it pass is not going to pass muster in either chamber of Congress, with several Democratic senators warning that the sanctions would not be enough to deter Iran.

And even if it does pass, the US could find itself in a bind if it chooses to go forward with a military attack.

After the Iran vote, the Senate is expected to approve a resolution to declare war on Iran as early as this week, with a deadline of this Thursday for any new legislation to get on the Senate floor.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the White invective against the Iranian regime is ramping up.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced on Thursday that he is sending a new set of sanctions to Iran.

The US has already imposed sanctions on Iranian companies and individuals in retaliation for the government’s crackdown on protests in the country.

Tillerson is also urging Congress to adopt new sanctions, targeting individuals who provide support to the Iranian government or individuals who undermine US-Iranian relations.

These sanctions are designed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, which could be the main goal of any attack against Iran, but it could also provide Iran with the pretext for an attack on US interests.

If Trump were to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, it could open the door for a US attack on other Iranian sites.

If Iran attacks US interests, it would be one of the most provocative actions that the administration could take to take out Iran.

Even if the resolution does pass the Senate, it is likely to be vetoed by Trump, who is already on record as wanting to scrap the Iran nuclear deal.

The United States could also be forced to respond militarily to any Iranian aggression against US interests if it chose to do so, which would almost certainly mean taking military action, as Iran has threatened to attack US warships.

But while this is unlikely to happen, Trump could also make it very clear that he sees no downside to attacking Iran if he does decide to do that.

He has threatened that he would be prepared to take military action in response to any attack on Iran.

“If you look at what the president is doing, and you think, ‘This guy can’t even tell the truth when he talks about a military response to Iran,’ you’re right,” one senior administration official told me.

“But the president’s ability to make a military decision is limited because of Congress.

We have to make the decision with Congress.”

If the White house is serious about going forward with military action against Iran—or even a military option, such as a naval blockade—then the consequences could be devastating.

A blockade is one of Trump’s top election promises, but he has made it a priority of his administration to push for sanctions against the country if it were to violate the nuclear deal, something that has yet to materialize.

This is likely the case, given that Congress is set to vote on a new sanctions package that would include sanctions on Iran that would require it to comply with the deal.

If the Trump administration


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