The Trump impeachment saga is just getting started: How a woman became a lightning rod and the White House has done nothing about it

The Trump impeachment saga is just getting started: How a woman became a lightning rod and the White House has done nothing about it

The Trump administration is just beginning to respond to the impeachment of its former president.

Here’s how it started.


The women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct began making their claims after the election.

This is the story we all know and are familiar with.

After he lost the presidency, his accusers came forward.

They claimed that Trump had groped them or forcibly kissed them without their consent.

Some of them say they were victims of unwanted advances and unwanted touching.

Others said they were groped by Trump in the middle of the night, and one says he kissed her on the mouth and on the lips while she was asleep.

The accusers have repeatedly alleged they were raped, but there are no hard numbers or statistics to back up their accusations.

That’s the crux of the problem with the sexual assault accusations: They’re vague and hard to prove.

They don’t include all of the details about how many times Trump did it, how often he did it or how many people he had kissed or groped.

In some cases, the women say they reported it to police, but they were ignored.

The Trump Administration has dismissed the claims.

Trump’s accusers are now on the outside, but it’s unclear if they will ever see justice.


Some women who’ve been called liars, sexual predators and abusers by Trump have been able to walk away from their accusations, claiming they were “truly victimized” by their former president, despite the fact that they didn’t pursue legal action.

One woman, Samantha Holvey, sued Trump in federal court after he fired her in 2017.

Holvey alleged that Trump kissed her without her consent and fondled her breasts, but the case was dismissed.

Trump has dismissed all of Holvey’s claims, calling her a liar and a sexual predator.

Holveys attorneys have not yet responded to a request for comment.


In March, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired from his job at Trump Tower.

The firing came after he made disparaging comments about the Clintons.

In an interview with The Washington Post in 2018, Trump said, “You know, when I get sued by a woman, I always say, ‘I didn’t do it, she doesn’t have to be mad.’

I don’t know what she thinks.”

He also said he could have fired Lewandowski if he were a woman.


On Friday, the White the day after the inauguration, President Donald Trump signed a law banning people from bringing guns onto federal property, including in the Oval Office.

Trump also signed a new order prohibiting federal contractors from hiring people with criminal records or mental illness.


In January, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel began investigating the Trump administration’s ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

On Feb. 13, the Trump White House announced that it would appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller to lead the probe into the Trump campaign.

Mueller’s office has launched a criminal investigation into the allegations against Trump.

Mueller is expected to be the lead investigator.


The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has filed a lawsuit against Trump, alleging that he violated the Constitution by failing to divest from his business empire while in office.

The complaint is based on Trump’s failure to disclose the payments he received from the Russian government while he was president.

The government has argued that the money is part of Trump’s ownership interest in the Trump Organization, which is an entity that Trump has said he doesn’t own.

Trump responded to the lawsuit by saying he’s already divested from his company and his sons have already divided from the Trump organization.


In August, the president fired FBI Director James Comey, who was leading the bureau’s investigation into possible ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives.

Trump had announced he was stepping down as FBI director on Tuesday, days before Comey was to testify before the Senate.

Trump announced his decision to fire Comey, citing his handling of the investigation into Russia.

In his first press conference as president, Trump claimed he was fired because of the Russia investigation.


On Thursday, the Justice Department announced that the FBI will open an investigation into whether the Trump Campaign illegally paid Russian operatives to influence the 2016 election.

The probe will be led by acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who previously served as the acting FBI director under Comey.

The investigation will focus on whether Trump or his associates illegally paid foreign nationals to influence U.


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