How to fix the issue with Destiny’s multiplayer bug

How to fix the issue with Destiny’s multiplayer bug

Bungie’s Destiny multiplayer issue is making people want to kill each other.

The game’s online mode has been bugged for days, and now some players have been getting into an online brawl where they can’t even play in the main game, reports The Verge.

This isn’t the first time players have gone into online matches without being able to do so.

But for the first few days of Destiny’s launch, it’s been a frustrating experience.

Destiny’s community is the most active in the entire Destiny universe, with the largest and most dedicated player base.

And players who were trying to play Destiny online were able to join matches because the game’s servers were running on their own.

But things quickly got out of hand.

Destiny launched with a handful of new players, and there were more than 40 million active Destiny players.

But even when Destiny was released in March, players who had previously logged in were able, and some were able in the hundreds of thousands.

This caused a lot of grief among the Destiny community, as well as players who weren’t active at all.

Bungie responded to the issue by fixing the issue, and eventually everyone was able to play in Destiny again.

However, it seems that some players are still experiencing the same issue, which has been making players ragequit the game.

The problem can be fixed with a patch that’s currently in development.

Players are still able to get in multiplayer, but Destiny’s servers are no longer accepting new players.

The patch should fix the problem in the near future, and Bungie hopes that the community will be able to return to playing.

Bungie has made the patch available to players through a public test, so anyone who has already logged in and is unable to play will be given the option to go to the Bungie website and download the patch.

The Destiny patch will be released sometime later this week.


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