How to avoid a potential collision with a flying object

How to avoid a potential collision with a flying object

The Phoenix Skyhawk was built by the US military and is one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world.

It has a wingspan of nearly 8,000 metres and can carry up to 200lbs of bombs.

The Phoenix was first flown in 1976.

It is one the most widely used fighters in the US, and is often referred to as the “Flying Fortress”.

However, it is not equipped with an onboard radar, so a military collision would not be detected.

Phoenix, which was named after the Arizona city that has an air force base, was designed to defend the nation from air attack and ground attacks by enemy air defences.

But as of September 2018, there were no known reports of a crash involving a flying objects, according to a new report from the Department of Defence.

According to the Department’s Air and Missile Systems website, a crash is a crash that involves an aircraft that causes significant damage to the aircraft and its equipment.

The report found that no collision had been reported.

The US has been hit by multiple incidents in recent years, including one in June 2019 when a US Army helicopter crashed in the Mojave Desert, killing all six crew members.

The Department of Defense said the crash was not linked to Phoenix but had caused a “significant number of injuries”.

“There are a number of factors that contribute to the risk of a civilian-owned aircraft crash occurring,” it said in a statement.

“The Department is working with the Federal Aviation Administration and other federal and state agencies to identify ways to reduce the risk.”

In 2016, the Phoenix was involved in a collision in the Atlantic Ocean, when a Royal Navy helicopter crashed on the island of Saint-Barthelemy, south of Antigua.

The incident led to a $5.7 million compensation package for the Royal Navy.

In 2018, the US Navy said it was investigating a crash in the Pacific Ocean that injured 11 people.

The accident happened after the Phoenix went missing after taking off from Guam.

Investigators said the Phoenix’s wingtip broke off and it hit the water.

The pilot and co-pilot were both killed in the crash.


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