How I met my husband

How I met my husband

My husband and I have been together for five years and I met him in 2011 at a party.

He was a college student at the time, and we fell in love.

We married in December of 2012, but I didn’t really know my husband until he came home with a package on Christmas Eve.

I wasn’t expecting much, but we got engaged two months later.

I’ve been on and off dates with him ever since, and I’ve seen him three times.

The fact that I’ve found the time to be able to share this story with the world is something I don’t think I could have imagined before.

He’s so funny and sweet, and he is one of my best friends, which is so rare.

He is very supportive of my career and the women in my life.

But it also has a huge impact on my health.

When he was diagnosed with ALS, it was just devastating.

It’s a very, very sad disease, and it affects a lot of people, including mine.

It is extremely rare for someone to live with ALS for more than two years, so when I found out I had ALS, I was devastated.

When I learned my husband was also battling ALS, the whole world took notice.

People started to share my story, and that was the turning point.

I have now been a wife and a mother for eight years.

I still feel incredibly lucky that I was able to find someone who cared enough to share their story with me.

I know it’s hard for people to understand, but if you’ve never been able to be with someone you love and share the story of their battle with ALS with them, you may never get the chance.

It can be hard to get support, so you have to go into this knowing that you are not alone.

And it can be especially hard for women who are battling ALS to find the support they need.

It was really important for me to share that story with my husband, because I didn and still don’t want to see him die.

It also gave him strength to keep going.

I hope my story helps other women who have ALS to know they can find support, to not be alone, and to never give up.

It may be the biggest challenge of my life right now.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported me and my husband over the years.

You have all helped us along the way, and you all are all amazing people.

It would have been impossible without you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I love you all.


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