China’s ‘most beautiful city’ for holiday makers is getting a makeover: official

China’s ‘most beautiful city’ for holiday makers is getting a makeover: official

China’s “most beautiful” city, Tianjin, has received a make-over to improve its visitor experience.

According to a report from China’s state-run Global Times newspaper, the Chinese capital city has received new facades and lighting to better appeal to tourists.

“The new buildings will make Tianjin a truly spectacular city, where visitors can enjoy its beauty, elegance, and natural beauty,” the report said.

“In this regard, it will be interesting to see how the new buildings and the city’s facilities will be adjusted to suit the different styles of visitors.”

It added: “Tianjin’s attractions will also be updated, with a more natural feel and better access.”

The report said that in recent years, many visitors had complained about the quality of the new infrastructure and the number of toilets in the city.

The new facade will include a large-scale mural, including a woman painting an image of a bird on a watermelon, and also include a giant watermelon.

“A new mural has been painted on the front of the buildings, which includes a woman drawing an image with her hand on a big watermelon,” the Global Times reported.

“We are also building an entirely new public transportation system.”

“The system will be based on the Chinese-designed new public transit system.

This will be the first such transit system in the world to be based solely on Chinese technology, which is already in place.”

China’s Tourism and Culture Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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