Apple Pay is not for everyone

Apple Pay is not for everyone

Apple Pay, the new payment system being rolled out to customers this week in the US, is a good start for many consumers, but the company needs to do a better job of explaining why. 

According to Apple’s FAQ, Apple Pay will only work with cards purchased through its app store, not through merchants.

The FAQ does not specify when Apple Pay’s launch will be available, but a few weeks ago, the company said it would launch with a limited launch.

The FAQ also notes that Apple Pay won’t be compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones, as that would require a separate payment method.

This means the payment method will have to be connected to an iPhone or iPad.

The company also says that Apple’s app store will only be accessible through iOS, not the web.

This is the first time Apple has publicly acknowledged that ApplePay won’t work on the iPhone 6S, as a previous blog post noted that Apple doesn’t offer any support for the iPhone in Apple Pay.

Apple also says it’s working with credit card companies to make Apple Pay compatible with all payment methods.

It notes that it plans to support Visa and Mastercard payments, but that Apple won’t support Apple Pay payments for other credit cards.

Apple Pay is still limited to the US.

There are currently no international versions available, so there’s no way to make payments anywhere else.

The Apple Pay FAQ states that Apple is working to make the payment system more secure.

It states that if your Apple ID is stolen, your information will be stolen too.

Apple has a system that it uses to track stolen cards, but it’s not clear whether this will apply to Apple Pay itself.

Apple’s FAQ also says the payment app will be free to download for users who already have an Apple ID.

There’s no mention of how long the download will take.

Apple has been working on Apple Pay for months.

The company’s mobile payments product, Apple Watch, launched earlier this year, but Apple Pay has been a slow, painful rollout.

The product hasn’t been widely available in the West yet, so it hasn’t caught on with people who have iPhones in their pockets.


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