Which airline is best for drone flight?

Which airline is best for drone flight?

The biggest news in aviation today is the announcement by Boeing and Airbus that they will be partnering to develop a new generation of commercial drone planes.

The drones are called the XWB (X-wing), and they will feature a smaller payload capacity and an upgraded autopilot system that will allow for faster, more precise flight.

The aircraft will be powered by a single GE Aviation engine and have an eight-foot wingspan. 

In a press conference on Tuesday, Boeing said that it would be “very difficult” for an airline to operate drones at low altitudes without an experienced pilot. 

“In order to operate at a range of altitudes with minimal risk, the X-wing will include new and enhanced avionics,” Boeing said.

“The XWB aircraft will feature four avionics, each providing for a range and capability enhancement.

The avionics suite includes new digital flight management, an advanced digital navigation system, a digital flight control, and digital flight data recorder.” 

It will also include a “digital instrument panel” that will help the pilot maintain the aircraft’s position in the sky.

The new planes will also be able to fly in “high-altitude conditions.”

Boeing and the other partners have already been testing the aircraft in low-Earth orbit and they are looking to fly the XWBs at the end of this year. 

The XWB is expected to be powered primarily by a GE Aviation Enermax 6500M jet engine, but will also have an 8-foot wing span.

“With the XWD’s enhanced autopilot, pilots will be able fly the aircraft at altitudes ranging from a few hundred feet to several thousand feet, making it an ideal option for high-altitudes, low-level missions,” Boeing explained. 

For now, the planes will be sold to customers only, but the partners are working on making them available to the general public.


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